Ultimate Rainbowcy: Aquamarine 1.5

Aqua: My life is an endless cycle of painting,…

Aqua: Writing,…

Aqua: and waiting to die.

Me: Cheer up!

Aqua: No! I’m so boreeeeeedddd

Aqua: The only people having fun around here are the zombies

Me: Yeah, they’ve started to become a problem. Everyone with zero brain activity needs to leave.

Zombie: Okay.

Aqua: What? The zombie drives a nicer car than I do?

Me: Aqua you don’t own any kind of car

Me: Okay, you’re the last one, get out.

Zombie: What? But I can’t drive.

Me: Ugghhhh

Zombie: Hey, that’s my line!

Connor: I’m in the outdoor kitchen, but I forgot what I was doing here.

Me: Outdoor kitchen? Don’t make this sound fancier than it is.

Aqua: Conner, I’m so lonely and bored from all the painting and writing.

Connor: You more fun and social activity? I can help with that!

Me: Where are you supposed to woohoo? The bunk beds?! HA

Me: Oh…right.

By the way, it didn’t help, she complained about being lonely after, I always thought woohoo raised both the fun AND social bars.

Connor: *dreams about dying because a grave is bigger than his house*

Aqua: I’m hungry and stir crazy AND the computer broke.

Everything is so cramped and empty and not house like, Aqua needs an heir and she’s half way through adulthood…they need a house. They have 30 grand saved up. Let’s do this!


After! It’s a really small and cheap house and there isn’t much more than necessities too it but I think I did a pretty good job with it.




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