Ultimate Rainbowcy: Aquamarine 1.2

Me: Aqua? Why is your monitor off?

Aqua: REAL authors don’t need to see to write.

Me: What happened to being able to write without seeing?

Aqua: The words were unintelligible.

Me: And now you’ve broken your computer. But this can be good, in the morning you can go out and make some friends!

Screenshot-6Me: Look at all these people, don’t you want to make a friend?

Aqua: This is friend?

Me: No! Make a human friend. Go to the library, there will be tons of people there!

Me: Look at all of these people at the library.

Screenshot-11Me: Damn, the cat’s here too!

Jared Frio: Hey, good looking, I saw you talking to a stray cat outside, and I’ve never you seen you before, meaning you probably don’t ever leave your house, so you’re probably inexperienced and my douchey advances will probably seem sweet to you because you don’t know any better, please don’t let the fact that I have a kid I never see and don’t pay child support or help out in any way despite living next door to the mother scare you away.

Aqua: Aww~ He seems nice!

Me: No.

Aqua: The kitty is back!

Cat: Hello funny dressed human, I have returned.

Cat: Feed me.

Me: Do not feed him, he’ll never go away! But I just remembered Jared has a brother that you have similar traits to!

Connor: Wow! For a stranger who just randomly knocked on my door, I can tell we have a lot in common!

Aqua: Look at this picture of a cat I saw earlier!


Screenshot-38Connor: Aww~ A kitty!

Me: Not you too.

Me: Aqua! What happened?

Aqua: Not sure! Could be the cold shower, or maybe the cold cereal for every meal, or maybe perhaps the fact that it’s almost winter and I sleep on the lawn!

Me: Well I can’t let you die without producing an heir, so here you go.

Aqua: I can’t see into the room, there’s a wall in the way.

Aqua: YES! My very own bed! I’m going to sleep in it right now!

Aqua: Or after 5 or 6 hours of work.





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