Ultimate Rainbowcy: Aquamarine 1.1



Me: Meet Aqua Belland, the founder of The Ultimate Rainbowcy. Care to introduce yourself, Aqua?

Aqua: What came first, the colour Orange or the fruit, and how can I associate my confusion into a painting.

Me: That works, I guess.

Welcome to her very, very humble home… I’ll add to it as soon as she earns money.

Which she’ll earn by doing this…

Me: Aqua, what’s with that face? It looks like your forcing a smile and crying.

Aqua: I’m wallowing in poor life choices, I’m going to be broke for a long time. Writing and Painting are one of those careers that are great, after a long time of working, until then I’m sleeping on my lawn.

Aqua: But how long will I be sleeping on my lawn for?… Did I ever figure out the answer to the orange question?

Me: Please don’t do this all day.

Aqua: Now that I can think clearly, let me eat at 2AM and then go to bed

Me: she was brooding all day

Me: I don’t remember giving you orange makeup for your pajamas

Aqua: All the talk of orange made me feel creative.

Aqua: Should I buy a lottery ticket?

Me: NO!

Screenshot-22Aqua: I bought a lottery ticket.

Screenshot-23Aqua: Now I’m hungry but can’t afford groceries!!!

Me: Welcome to being a starving artist.

I just realized she had a camera in her inventory. I sold it and finished her bathroom!

Screenshot-28And she uses it to eat…

Aqua: I came to the library but forgot what I was doing so I’ll look out the window and think.

Me: That’s the wall, and you went there to write, because you know, it’s your job!

Aqua: I’ll think harder.

Aqua: A full moon, huh? I hope I don’t see any zombies or anything?

Zombie: Gruuggghhh

Aqua: What was I saying again?

Zombie: Hey! Get back here and be terrified of me!

Aqua: What is life, except for an endless game of monopoly? And what of the starving artist, with no steady income forced to watch from the sidelines as greedy sims fight and rob each other, and for what, two children that don’t know the value of money, and a spouse that hasn’t loved you in 20 years, engaging in meaningless woohoo just hoping for the day where something exciting happens, but it never does.

Zombie: I am literally a sim-eating zombie, standing right here in front of you. React!

Aqua: I need to think, I’m going to the library.

Zombie: I will seriously eat you! Notice me!

Aqua: I published my first book!

And used the money to buy a computer! No more late trips to the library!


That seems like a good end to the first chapter! I hope everyone enjoyed it, thanks for reading!



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