Ultimate Rainbowcy: Heliotrope 8.1

SURPRISE! I’m back! Sorry guys, I’ve just been so busy but I missed my simmies so I’m back! Nothing can keep me away!!!! Except for maybe when my wordpress memory runs out…but we’ll deal with that when it comes… As you can see, Hawkeye won the heirship by just 2 votes!

Me: The family now lives in this sweet little pre-made cottage in Moonlight Falls. Hey, I’m available enough to write, not available enough to build the extravagant houses again. I did build a little shed for Hawkeye, though.

Hawkeye: Hey, Dad. I see you’re getting pretty close to my shed… yeah, I’m gonna need you to step away from my shed.

August: Aww! What a nice looking normal house! Considering the town we’re living in now I was expecting the entire thing to be gothic styled.

Me: Maybe it’s best if you don’t go inside.

August: Huh? Why no- ….oh.

Grotle: As you can see~ It’s totally me~ The loveable and talented Grotle~ As talented as I am~ I’m stuck doing sing-o-grams~ because my son moved me to this stupid town~ The houses are weird~ The people are sketchy~ and I kinda wanna burn this place down~

Townie: Uh… you do know you’re speaking to a resident of said town, correct?

Grotle: Sim-god would never let anything happen to me until I complete my lifetime wish.

Me: She’s right.

Grotle: I’m gonna go hunt some fairies.

Me: Why? There’s one literally three feet away from you…. and she went in anyway.

Me: Tried and failed.

Grotle: I’ll show those tiny, elusive, flying freaks. I’ll get these bees and release them into their hideout.

Me: …Why, though?

Grotle: ……They outsmarted me.

Me: Well, good luck with that. I’ll go see what everyone else is doing.

Me: Ew, don’t stand there and watch her sleep. Go to bed.

Hawkeye: But it wouldn’t be appropriate! She’s a whole two days younger than I am…


Screenshot-21.jpgMe: I can’t believe I went a whole day without taking any decent pictures. Anyway, it’s August’s birthday! Hawkeye is saved from sleeping on the couch because now they can sleep in the same bed!

Me: Uh… guys… I said SLEEP in the same bed…

Me: Here’s August, by the way. Her traits are Neat, Brave, Unflirty, Athletic, and Excitable. Her LTW is obviously Firefighter Super Hero. Honoring the entire reason she was forced into the legacy.¬†Honestly, I don’t mind her unique appearance. I don’t understand why she’s known to be so ugly within the sims community.


August: Yeah! I graduated! Congratulations to me! Most likely to save the world! I did so amazing! Woo me! Oh yeah…and Hawkeye too…

Ray: Can you make her have children, please. Caring for children is all I have in life because SOMEONE made me have no skills or career.

Me: They’re working on it!!!

Me: I don’t really have a caption for this picture…but I like it XD. It’s worth wasting memory space. Which is almost at 50% CURSE MY OVERUSE OF TAKING PICTURES IN THE FIRST 3 GENERATIONS!

August: Uh, where am I supposed to sleep. Glitter, move!

Hawkeye: Glitter stays….zzzzz

Me: Why can’t everyone just do what I want when I want it done. Glitter go away, August go to bed, Hawkeye, shut up.

August: YAY! I’m pregnant!

Me: You sure???

Screenshot-31.jpgMe: Oh, there it is.

August: Yup.

Screenshot-32.jpgMe: I think this guy wears more makeup than Grotle.

Guy: Mwahahahaha they’ll never suspect the man with the rainbow on his face!!!

Screenshot-33.jpgMe: Hawkeye is so excited to be a dad. He rolled wishes for cribs, the read the book, to get married, to marry August specifically. It’s so cute considering he barely sees her and just locks himself in his shed all day.

Hawkeye: Way to ruin a sweet moment.

Screenshot-34Me: AUGUST CAN STILL KIND OF WORK! I love professions!

Ray: My life has no meaning besides raising children.


Screenshot-36Hawkeye: Hmm… ‘Liquid Job Boost’ I’m not sure what use I’ll have for that.

Me: Wait! That’s a thing? Get in your shed and make it for Grotle!

Hawkeye: Well, it’s not that simple. I’ll need ingredients.

Me: Damn it, Hawkeye! Go get them!

Screenshot-38Hawkeye: Hey there. I just need some-

Clerk: We don’t got any.

Hawkeye: But, you didn’t even hear what I-

Clerk: We don’t got nothin’ that you want.

Hawkeye: …okay?

Me: Don’t worry Hawkeye, look at all of this stuff you can loot!

Me: The stuff from bees is used in a lot of elixirs. I will consider expanding your shed, Hawkeye.

Screenshot-47Hawkeye: Hey little guy, I’m not sure what you are but hopefully you’re just what I need.

Screenshot-48.jpgRay: I am nothing without children to raise.

Me: Just take the damn collection helper and go find a moonstone.

Screenshot-50.jpgMe: Oh…Glitter died… and nobody cares.

Screenshot-51.jpgGrotle: That’s because there’s a more urgent matter at hand….I’m old!!!!!!!


Sim#2: ….it’s night, you idiot.

Screenshot-55.jpgMe: oh hey, August. It’s been a while since I’ve seen you. What’s up?

August: Eh, Worked all day, then went to the spa. Now I’m gonna go mourn Glitter. The usual.

August: AHHH! Grieving hurts!

Me: Just go home.

Screenshot-57.jpgAugust: Ow! My heart!

Screenshot-58August: Ow! My everything else!

Hawkeye: I’m using my knowledge of the occult to make mine and August’s lives much more simple.

Me: Go on…

Hawkeye: You see, if we have multiples then we can get all of the children done in one go. Then we can both focus on our careers.

Me: How is that easier? You’ll have to take care of them.

Hawkeye: That’s what grandparents are for and once I make that liquid job boost for mom, she can retire early and spend her life taking care of my kids.

Me: Solid plan.

August: Woah! What the-? What’d you just throw a- ….wanna go make a bunch of babies!

Hawkeye: YES! All the time. Always.

Screenshot-66.jpgHawkeye: Now that, that’s out of the way. I can finally accomplish what I originally set out to do.

Screenshot-70.jpgHawkeye: With these new powers…Nothing can hold me back! All the world’s occult knowledge will be mine! My powers will be unlimit-

Hawkeye: Ooh! An apple! ūüôā

Screenshot-73.jpgRay: This isn’t as fun as I remember.

Me: Too bad. Everyone meet Illumise, named after the pokemon. He’s artistic and loves the heat. And in case I forgot to mention. The next generation is Indigo.

Screenshot-77.jpgGrotle: My sketchy, hermit son gave me a mysterious green liquid and told me to drink it… WELL BOTTOM’S UP!!!!

Grotle: That wasn’t alcoholic at all!!!!

Hawkeye: I have my broom and I’m at the broom-riding arena yet I don’t remember why.

Me: You’d imagine that he’d be able to put two and two together but nope.

Screenshot-80Me: So advanced he doesn’t even need a broom. That’s the end of the chapter! Next one should be out soon! Thanks for reading.


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Ultimate Rainbowcy: Green 7.7

Well at least I narrowed the choices down? Haha, now all I have to do it put it in a random choice maker.

THE INTERNET HAS DECIDED! The heir poll will be at the end of this chapter because it’s THE FINAL CHAPTER FOR THE GREEN GENERATION OMG!


3.pngMe: So…uh…you guys alright?

Screenshot.jpgHotwire: I’m going to do dastardly things, Dave. Dastardly, I say!

Kid: First of all, we’re supposed to be working on our group project right now. Second of all, my name’s not Dave.

Hotwire: I forgot your name.

Me: Yep…me too.

Screenshot-2Gnome: I found a rock!

Me: Yes you did, freezer bunny. You can do no wrong. Wait… weren’t you in the kitchen???



Screenshot-10.jpgGrotle: Don’t worry, son. I won’t tell anyone that I saw you coming out of a secret room behind a bookcase, smelling of old roots and smoke. Whatever you do in your spare time is your business, evening if it’s dangerous and illegal.

Hawkeye: Thanks.

Screenshot-11.jpgGrotle: I’m such a good mom.

Screenshot-18.jpgHawkeye: Man, I overslept. How come nobody woke me up!?

Hawkeye: Mornin’ dad. What’s for breakfa-… Dad?

Hawkeye: Honey Lemon, Hyacinth, have either of you see-…

Screenshot-17Hawkeye: Mom, are you out here day drinking again?… WHERE IS EVERYONE! They’re gone… Everyone I’ve ever cared about has gone missing…. I might never see them again.

Hawkeye: Now I can focus on my work without being careful!

Hawkeye: Hour number four with no food. The world is turning dark and bleak. I find myself missing my family more than I expected. I have only grown hungrier by the minute. I fear this is the end.

Hawkeye: August! You’re here! Where is everyone? Are we gonna have to repopulate the world?

August: Uhh, of course, I’m here. All the adults went on vacation so it’s only us and Hotwire… remember? We talked about it at the family meeting last night.

Hawkeye: Oh yeah….*Is absent minded*

Me: Why did you grab a hotdog while August is making lunch.

Hawkeye: Wait for it…

August: What are you talking about, it’s fin- Oh…

Me: August didn’t even eat her own cooking…

Hawkeye: I love her but she can not cook.

Hotwire: My minions, we attack at dusk!!! Some of you may perish, but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make.


Hotwire: Your commanders were strong freezer bunny, but I’m afraid they were no match for me or my army. It’s time to die.

Hotwire: VICTORY IS OURS! Okay guys, let’s burn the kitchen so no evidence of murder can be linked back to us. I’ll go find the matches.

Me: And where are the trusted babysitters during all of this?

Screenshot-40.jpgHawkeye: We’re gonna be great parents.

August: I know, right?

Screenshot-43.jpgHotwire: Oh my sim god…no…. HE’S CALLED FOR REINFORCEMENTS! Purple Dinosaur! Ready the cannon!

Me: The real reason I took this screenshot was the demonstrate how many gnomes they have but Hotwire photobombed.

Screenshot-49.jpgMe: Birthday! I’m not showing his picture because he isn’t eligible to be an heir. Sorry Hotwire fans, he’s great. It’s not his fault. If anything, blame Tiffany and Stephen for taking so long to die and free up space.

Screenshot-50.jpgMe: You just completed your lifetime wish, how does it feel?

Ray: I want another baby.


Screenshot-54.jpgGrotle: Ugh! I was gonna sleep on this lounger in the cold!

Me: There’s like 5 other ones on your property… PLUS YOU BOTH HAVE BEDS!

Screenshot-61.jpgHawkeye: Now, a little bit of Hotwire’s tears…

Me: What are you making?

Hawkeye: Happiness potion. Instead of fixing my problems I now have the power to ignore them with magic.

Me: …How did you get the tears?…

Screenshot-62.jpgHotwire: *sniffles* I wanna be on the poll too…

Me: Hotwire! Hide! You can’t let anybody see you not in color!

Hawkeye: And this eyeball I bought from the nice man behind the hardware store for good measure.

Screenshot-64.jpgHawkeye: Well… here goes nothing.

Screenshot-65.jpgHawkeye: UGh! That was disgusting! Hotwire, your tears are disgusting!!!!

Me: But the eyeball wasn’t?

Screenshot-67Me: Well he didn’t turn into a witch yet but it isn’t necessary to be an Alchemy Artisan so he still has time. OKAY SO LET’S SEE OUR POTENTIONAL HEIRS!

Screenshot-6.jpgMe using Game Show Voice: Here we have potentional heir #1 Honey Lemon. Honey Lemon enjoys music and arts but she doesn’t like being naked or anything that comes from it, including children. She is a bit forgetful and might set the house on fire but I can’t imagine her doing that. She’s the most classy of my sims. Her lifetime wish to be a hit movie composer. I believe we already had that lifetime wish. It was Daffodil’s if I remember correctly but all of the other wishes she was offered sucked.

Traits: Virtuoso, Artistic, Absent-Minded, Never-Nude, Dislikes Children.
LTW: Hit Movie Composer.

Screenshot-7.jpgMe: Potential Heir #2, Hoppip. Hoppip is a daddy’s girl in appearance but personality wise she’s a bit concerning. Hoppip enjoys being organized but will freak out when the slightest thing goes wrong. She will then spend hours upon hours thinking about how things could go wrong and why they do. She’s insane but that’s just who she is… an insane paranoid neat freak but don’t worry she’s harmless. Her one wish in life is to find the unicorn that’s been haunting her during her dreams.

Traits: Insane, Neat, Brooding, Neurotic, Good.

LTW: Fairy-Tale Finder

Screenshot-8Me: Potentional heir #3, Hyacinth, also known as ‘The girl with the impossible to pronounce name.’ Hyacinth is a simpler girl who enjoys hot summer days, meditation, nurturing those she cares for and an intellectual challenge. She also likes solving murder mysteries and kicking the asses of those who don’t submit and give her she answers she wants. Continuing to follow her uncle Grovyle’s dream, Hyacinth wants to solve 35 mysteries.

Traits: Genius, Disciplined, Perceptive, Loves the Heat, Nurturing.

LTW: Pervasive Private-Eye

Screenshot-68Me: And last but not least here’s potential heir #4, Hawkeye. Hawkeye enjoys the occult, usually to the point of an obsession. He already has a special someone in his life who knows nothing of his hobby and his plans to turn into a witch. He loves spending his time outdoors and usually has a difficult time staying asleep. He’s a great kisser but will most likely set the house on fire during an absent minded cauldron explosion. I’m not even sure that can happen but I’ve seen weirder things. His one goal in life is to master the art of alchemy and potion making.

Traits: Supernatural Fan, Absent-Minded, Great Kisser, Loves the outdoors, Light Sleeper.

LTW: Alchemy Artisan.

Me: As usual you guys have one week to vote and then afterwards I’ll take some more time to build the new house!









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Ultimate Rainbowcy: Green 7.6

I plan on having Hawkeye turn into an occult before the end of the generation. I really want your opinion on which type you would be interested in seeing. The choice of the occult also affects the lifetime wish he’ll have. I want to stick with the supernatual lifestates¬†for him but I’m sure eventually in later generations we’ll get to see the ones like plant sims and mermaids.

Here are the options you’ll have

Witch and Alchemy Artisan (Use 50 Elixers)

Witch and Zombie Master (Turn 10 sims into a zombie)

Witch and Mystic Healer (Cure 12 transformed sims)

Fairy and Greener Gardens (Make 100 plants grow using bloom and reach level 10 gardening skill)

Fairy and Magic Makeover (Grant 12 sims inner beauty and reach level 10 charisma)

Vampire and Turn the Town (Drink from 20 sims and turn 5 into vampires)

Werewolf and Leader of The Pack (Convert 5 sims to werewolves and find 40,000 simoleons worth of objects while hunting)


Hoppip: A date? Sure! I’d love to!

Me: Aww Hoppip, do you have a secret admirer?

Me: Wow, he’s really tall for a teen.

Hoppip: He’s not a teen! He’s 36!

Me: Okay, that’s not legal.

Guy: Yeah and we’re going to get married!

Me: That’s really not legal.

August: Hey, want to go hang out? Maybe go fishing like when we were kids?

Hawkeye: Sorry, I’m…busy. Yes, busy… with…homework?

August: I can help.

Hawkeye: NopeGottaGoBye!

Hawkeye: That was close… I can’t let her find out about my hobby.

Screenshot-20.jpgHawkeye: She’d hate me if she knew.

Hawkeye: that I dabble in the dark arts and the occult….

Screenshot-24.jpgRay: That’s it! I’m done! You keep me locked in this house and I’m sick of it! If I can’t go outside then I’m bringing the outside here with a costume party.

Me: Okay that’s fine but I don’t keep you locked up. You’re on free will. Do whatever you want.

Ray: I want to throw a costume party for spooky day!

Hoppip: What?! She looks prettier than me?! That’s not possible!

Me: She does, once you get past the uniqueness you can see that she has this like…. soft beauty? I can’t describe it.

Hoppip: Well, I hate it! I want to be prettiest in the house.

Me: Okay well then you’d hate to know but you’re like…maybe 4th or 5th prettiest in the house.

Screenshot-27.jpgMe: Okay, make that 3rd prettiest.

Screenshot-28.jpgAugust: Hi, Ray. You haven’t seen Hawkeye have you? I was hoping he and I could spend the party together.


Allora: That’s my face. ūüė¶

Me: Oh, sorry Allora. Everyone, this is Hoppip’s best friend Allora. I think she’s normal but she hangs out with Hoppip so who knows.


Screenshot-33.jpgHoney Lemon: So what is that? Like some kinda art installment.

Hyacinth: Um, I’m an alien from Sixam. Only the best alien planet in existence. I could go on and on about the prophecy but you’re not worth my time. I already spent two weeks making this mask.

Honey Lemon: Oh… I’m a serial killer.

August: Hey guys. Have either of you seen Hawkeye? He’s missing the party!

Honey Lemon: And a serial killer is way cooler than an alien!

Hyacinth: You’re wearing an ugly vest and a hockey mask! OOOOH I’m so scared!

August: Nevermind, I guess.

Screenshot-38.jpgAugust: Hawkeye! There you are!….what are you wearing?


Hawkeye: Yeah but it’s heliotrope. I gotta support the color of the generation right. That’s what a real heir would do.

Me: Nice save.

Screenshot-41.jpgAugust: Hey you can’t get out of this by making a funny face! Where were you! I looked everywhere!

Hawkeye: You’re still mad?

August: Of course I am!

Hawkeye: I was afraid of this.

August: What?

Screenshot-42Hawkeye: Stay there.

August: You can get out of this tha-

Hawkeye: *Tosses potion*

Screenshot-46.jpgAugust: Hawkeye! I’m so sorry I yelled! I don’t even remember why I was so angry!

Hawkeye: It’s okay. Let’s just dance and we’ll figure it out later.

Screenshot-49.jpgMe: Awwww! Although it’d be a lot cuter is HAWKEYE WORE THE COSTUME I PICKED!

Screenshot-60.jpgGrotle: Hey, look how sparkly and gold my dress is? I can has gig?

Proprietor: Sorry, but your dress isn’t nearly as sparkly and gold enough.

Screenshot-61.jpgAllora: Hi, Hoppip. Thanks for inviting me over.

Honey Lemon: I swear that girl’s a ghost. Didn’t we ship them all away?

Me: Just because she never leaves doesn’t mean she’s a ghost.

Screenshot-62.jpgMe: Damn, someone learned their way around the easy bake oven.

Screenshot-65.jpgHawkeye: Brilliant! The potion worked. I wonder what else I can learn. The world is so shrouded in mystery. I want to uncover it all! I guess I’ll just lock myself in here the entire weekend and learn everything I can.

Screenshot-66.jpgAugust: *mumbling* Ugh. Frickin Hawkeye dissappearing every morning after breakfast then everyday after school. WHERE DOES HE GO!!!!!!????

Me: At least your turning your anger into something productive.

Screenshot-67.jpgMe: I think I found the perfect man for Hoppip!

Guy: Man? I’m not a man! I’m a yeti! Left hand: He’s lying! Right hand: No he’s not!

Me: Soul mates.

Me: Um….Ow???

Ray: The best way to make a dog tolerate a bath is to get in which them.

Me: Couldn’t you have done that without impaling yourself into the tub?

Screenshot-80.jpgHawkeye: How did I get here?

Me: Part of me is concerned that his memory loss is from spending too much time around dangerous magic potions. The other part remembers that he’s always been like this.

Grotle: Okay, that’s it. Who brought a BABY to my concert!!!!

Everyone: *mumbling* I don’t know. It’s not mine.


Me: You seem to have things under control over here.

August: What are you doing over here?

Hawkeye: Nothing. I’m certainly not making magical potions or anything like that.

August: Can we please go hangout. I haven’t seen you all week.

Hawkeye: I don’t know…

August: If you don’t I’m going to follow you and see where you go.

Hawkeye: Let’s go to the park.

Screenshot-87.jpgHoppip: What are you guys doing dressed like that?

Honey Lemon: We could ask you the same thing.

Hoppip: We’re going to the beach.

Hyacinth: It’s snowing!

Hoppip: The polar bear club waits for no one!

Screenshot-88.jpgAugust: See, isn’t this fun?

Hawkeye: Hanging out with you is always fun.

August: Then why do you avoid me…

Hawkeye: It’s more complicated than that. Let’s go by the fire.

Screenshot-90.jpgHawkeye: I don’t avoid you. I’m just working on something. It’s important.

August: Then I can help.

Hawkeye: No you can’t

Screenshot-92.jpgAugust: I used to see you everyday but it’s like you hate me now.

Hawkeye: I could never hate you.

August: Then will you go to prom with me?

Hawkeye: I was going to stay home that day but if you want then I’ll go.

Screenshot-91.jpgHoney Lemon: Should we stop her?

Hyacinth: It’s not our job to stop her from doing stupid things, it’s our job to carry her home safely when she suffers the consequences.

Me: Woah, how are you doing that?

August: If I want to grow up and be a hero I need to learn to scale any surface.


Screenshot-96.jpgProprietor: Ugh. Not her again.

Grotle: That’s right, bitch. I’m back.

Screenshot-98.jpgProprietor: Look! I’m sorry! I can’t have a nobody singing at my location! Okay?

Grotle: “Nobody?” Bitch, I came here in a limo. I wear a dress that cost more than your house!

Screenshot-99.jpgProprietor: Whatever, I’m leaving.

Grotle: You haven’t seen the last of me!

Screenshot-104.jpgGrotle: That’s it! I’m done! YOU listen to me now, got it?! I want a gig here. I’m done auditioning. If you say no, I’m pointing the sparks right at your face!

Proprietor: Sure, you can have a gig here.

Grotle: Really?! Awww, thank you!

Screenshot-107Me: Oh…right. It’s your birthday… Sorry but I don’t care. I’m too busy looking at PROM NOTIFICATIONS!

Me: Not a prom notification but it happened at around the same time. WTF is this? Grotle are you going around telling people your psychic?

Grotle: Yeah! And they believe it! It’s hilarious! They’ll believe anything a celebrity tells them!

Me: Were we really expecting anything different?
Me: Awwwww! I mean it’s a little creepy how he just like creeped up and snuck the kiss but still!
Me: Looks like Honey Lemon got herself a little romantic interest too!
Me: And Hyacinth gets nothing.

Screenshot-108.jpgMe: The triplets birthdays were right after prom! You get to see them next time! Next chapter is also the end of the generation so there will be a poll!!

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Ultimate Rainbowcy: Green 7.5

Ray: Don’t worry my son, I have come to read you a bedtime story, no need to thank me.

Hawkeye: Please don’t. I just want to go to sleep.

Ray: *mumbling* Ungrateful kid. After all I did for him.

Glitter: Dude, there’s like a billion flies on that food. I wouldn’t even eat that and yesterday I trash out of the garbage.

Ray: Yay! Phone call opportunity to go on vacation. See ya suckers.

August: It’d be a lot easier to workout if you weren’t standing in front of the television.

Grotle: Come on, Ray. Let’s get out of here.

Ray: You’ll see. Everyone will see, they’ll be miserable without me. They NEED me!

Screenshot-72Honey-Lemon: Okay. Now that the parental figures are gone we can officially begin our girls and Hawkeye meeting. Usually, teens have parties when their parents are out of town. Does this sparkle with everyone?

Screenshot-75.jpgHoppip: If it sparkles and pleases I would also like to mention that if we do decide to have a party I want absolutely no damage to come to this house. Nobody can touch the furniture, or leave the designated party area to ensure that the house preserves maximum cleanliness.

Honey: What would the point of a party be then?

Screenshot-80.jpgHawkeye: I don’t know. I’m pretty worried about a mess too.

Hoppip: If we have a party and the guests make a mess, then we’ll have to use a lot of trash bags to dispose of the bodies… I mean garbage. Dispose of the garbage.

Screenshot-79Hoppip: Also we doesn’t have any friends.

Hawkeye: It’s because August doesn’t brush her teeth.

August: I’m right here, you know.

Honey-Lemon: Okay let’s try this. Does anyone actually want to have a party?

Screenshot-82.jpgHyacinth: You know what we could do? We could all go hang out together. Maybe go to the park or the beach. We could hire a babysitter for Hotwire and just go have fun as a family.

Screenshot-84Honey-Lemon: Um… I don’t know if that sounds very fun, Hyacinth.

Hoppip: Your idea was bad and you should feel bad.

Hawkeye: You’re fat. You should stay home and run on a treadmill.

August: Dude, what is wrong with you today? First me, now Hyacinth?

Honey Lemon: Actually, I just figured out what we could do! Why don’t we just take a family day and hang out together?¬†Maybe go to the park or the beach.

Hoppip: Now that idea I like.

Hawkeye: Yeah that sounds cool!

Me: You’re all a bunch of assholes to your sister.

Screenshot-89.jpgHoney Lemon: I feel like I forgot something.

Me: A babysitter for Hotwire.

Me: I’m sure he’ll be fine, though. Don’t worry about it. He’s only starving.

Hoppip: Start on fire. Start on fire. Start on fire.

Screenshot-99.jpgHoppip: IT’S GOING TO BE AWESOME!

Screenshot-103.jpgHoppip: That’s it? Colors in the sky? No fire? No explosion? Lame!

Screenshot-105.jpgAugust: Where’s everyone going?

Me: Hoppip got sick of the park so everyone is going to the beach.

August: Without telling me?

Me: Hahaha and you’re stuck marrying one of them…or Hotwire. Probably not, his traits suck.

Screenshot-117.jpgAugust: Nice of you guys to invite me!



Hoppip: I didn’t forget, I just didn’t care.

Hyacinth: I didn’t forget either but they don’t listen to me anyway.

Screenshot.jpgMe: Here’s a cute photo they took at the park!

Screenshot-4Hawkeye: Hey baby, wanna see my rod?

Teen Girl: Woah! That is not appropriate!

Hawkeye: …my fishing rod…


Screenshot-7.jpgGrim: Woah, you guys KILLED someone?! Okay, because you guys are my best customers, I’ll help you get rid of the body.

August: We didn’t kill him!

Hoppip: Just reap him already.

Screenshot-8.jpgHawkeye: Oh man, does this mean our dishwasher will still be broken.

Grim: Kid, there’s a DEAD GUY in your kitchen!

Screenshot-11.jpgMe: Hyacinth didn’t even care enough to leave her book.

Hyacinth: It was natural selection. He should have known that fixing an electrical item while standing in water wearing non-protective clothes while already being burnt leads to a higher chance of an elecrocution related demise.

Me: I’m raising a bunch of sociopaths.

Screenshot-21.jpgAugust: ~See-Saw, Margery Daw, Johnny shall have a new master. Johnny shall earn but a penny a day because he can’t work any faster.~

Me: Nursery rhymes are freakin dark, man.

August: It’s about an apprentice and his master.

Me: That’s not the first thing people think. Anyway, why are you out here by yourself.

August: I don’t have any friends.

Screenshot-24.jpgHawkeye: August, do you wanna see my rod?

August: Your fishing rod? Okay!

Hawkeye: See? She gets it!

Me: Welcome back!

Grotle: Yeah, yeah. Whatever. MY BEAUTIFUL MIRROR! I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!

Screenshot-125.jpgAugust: And when they opened the coffin…there was A SKELETON INSIDE!

Me: That seems pretty reasonable. Who would be afraid of this?


Screenshot-128.jpgGrotle: Okay so the floor is really dirty. Try to roll around a lot to collect some of the dirt on your blanket.

Me: It’s his birthday, Grotle.

Screenshot-131.jpgMe: I forgot to get a CAS picture but don’t worry. He just looks like small Ray. His traits are slob and heavy sleeper. Lame traits.

Screenshot-124.jpgGrotle: You’re cool! Give me a gig.

Proprietor: Your auditions are getting lazy.

Grotle: Well given my history I’m probably not going to show up anyway. So why bother, amirite? So can I have the gig or not?

Proprietor: *Sighs* Fine.

Screenshot-140Grotle: Thanks for watching my show everyone and might I say, one fan in particular really caught my eye?

Me: How? Whoever they are they’re obviously invisible.

Screenshot-141.jpgMe: Oh, it was just sentient grass again.

Sentient Grass: I LOVE YOU GROTLE!

Screenshot-149.jpgHawkeye: YEAH BIRTHDAY! I wish my mom was here!

Me: She’s too busy being wooed by grass.

Screenshot-150.jpgMe: He’s weird looking and I love him so much. His traits are Loves the outdoors, Absent-minded, Light Sleeper and and annndd SUPERNATURAL FAN! We’ve never had that trait before! It’s going to be cool! He can learn alchemy and maybe become on of the supernatural types and have a supernatural LTW.

Hawkeye: No, it just means I’m a fan of the show Supernatural. None of that weird stuff.


Screenshot-160.jpgGrotle: LOOK SIM GOD! NO HANDS!

Me: That’s what a level 6 singer does with her time instead of auditioning for gigs since she NEVER GOES TO THEM!

Screenshot-167.jpgGrotle: Nobody saw me drop the mic, right?

Me: Oh, you’re totally fine. No one even noticed!

Screenshot-171.jpgMe: Except for those guys.

Screenshot-174.jpgMe: At least Ray showed up to Hawkeye’s birthday. Nobody came to August’s.

Screenshot-175.jpgMe: She’s finally old enough where we can see her really unique genetics! I think she’s cute, but I’m probably used to her. Her eye color is awesome. Her mouth isn’t bad. She definitely takes some getting used to. But hey, it’s a rainbowcy,¬†not a prettacy. Her traits are Neat, Excitable, Brave, and Unflirty. That’s it for this chapter! Next one should be out soon! It seems like this generation is almost over! Ain’t nobody have time to wait for Hotwire to age up!

Me: *shows August to boyfriend.*

Boyfriend: Eew, I don’t want that in the gene pool. Her eyes are weird! She looks like Sid from Ice Age.


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Ultimate Rainbowcy: Green 7.4

AHHH I STILL EXIST¬†DON’T WORRY! Eh, It hasn’t been THAT long, though. just a little more than two weeks. What happened was I tried to make my game run faster because I had a problem with lagging so I deleted all of the pose packs that I rarely use hoping that would do the trick. I also deleted all of the corrupted files that I had because I figured they were taking up space, I also organized all of my CC into separate folders, I knew that wouldn’t help with the game but it made me feel better that they were organized. Anyway, after doing all of this I tried to test it out and start up my Ultimate Rainbowcy¬†town. IT WOULDN’T EVEN LOAD! The game just continuously¬†loaded. I tried looking up the reason why and tried fixing it for days! At first, I figured that I must have accidently deleted something important. So one by one I put each file back and tried starting the game. Nothing worked. So once again I deleted everything unimportant. I uninstalled and reinstalled the game and added back all of the CC. STILL NOTHING. Taking a shot in the dark, I tried starting up another town and IT WORKED! So it wasn’t the game! So after more and more searching, I finally found a solution. IT WAS SO SIMPLE! The save must be corrupted, delete it and use the backup they offer and IT WORKED!!!!! IT’S SAVED AND I AM BACK!

TLDR: My game died but it’s all better now!

It still lags though. ūüė¶

ScreenshotMe: Okay so the backup left off before Stephen died and Hawkeye and August aged up so I’m killing Stephen.

Glitter: Not if I have anything to do about it!

Me: ASDHFJJSHD!!! Glitter that’s very endearing and all but I have to kill Stephen, he’s going to die soon anyway. Might as well get it over with.

Screenshot-4.jpgStephen: Thanks for saving me, Glitter! You’re the best dog ever but the Sim God is right. I think it’s about time I leave.

Glitter: But You’re the only one who feeds me!

Screenshot-5.jpgMe: Now let’s try this again. Glitter don’t touch anything.

Screenshot-9.jpgGrim: You again? Can you knock it off, I’m very busy!

Stephen: I’m sorry, Grim. It won’t happen again. I’m ready to be reunited with Fuchsia stored upstairs and forever haunt the family.

Screenshot-11.jpgMe: Well hello there non-loading textures.

Screenshot-12.jpgMe: Well hello there sentient grass.

Grass: Plant seeds in me.

Screenshot-14Me: Either Grotle ate some old food or the final baby is on the way!

Screenshot-15Ray: I want another baby.



FUUUUU NOOOOO! That’s it. That’s the last straw. The game crashed and won’t load. It wasn’t the file that was corrupted it was the town. I was hoping it wouldn’t come to this but it seems I have no other choice…

Screenshot-16.jpgMe: Okay guys, I know it looks like the exact same house in the exact same town but it’s not. WHATEVER YOU ASSHOLES DO, DO NOT SCREW UP THE TIMELINE. Fortunately, there aren’t many ways to do that since you weren’t living there for long but if any of you see this town’s August Woods, We’ll call her August2, DO NOT TALK TO HER! In fact, We should get around to deleting her eventually. With my luck, her kids will want to marry August1’s kids and create weird clones. We don’t need that. Now if you’ll excuse me. I have to go mourn the sims I wasn’t able to save.

WWWWAAAAAAHHHHHH GARDEN! GECKO! GROVYLE! How I miss you so! I know I didn’t want to update the family tree but I didn’t want to lose you guys either! I would have gotten over the family tree thing!

Okay. I’m over it. Time to play some Sims.

*Game Freezes indefinitely* WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH STARLIGHT SHORES. WHY IS IT ONLY STARLIGHT SHORES!? Okay, one more try. I’ll delete some caches and all that weird stuff.

Hey guys, get this.

Turns out it wasn’t freezing. It was just taking a ridiculously long time to load. Ah the joy of 8 generations. I’ll play normally and it gets too laggy I’ll reset the family.


Me: I’m looking at you Glitter!

Me: Okay before actually playing I decided to put all of the ghosts in a graveyard. They haunt my sims so they never sleep. Look! It’s color-coded. Ignore the spoiler alerts.

Me: No! No Imaginary friends allowed!

Hawkeye: But

Me: NO!

Screenshot-5.jpgAugust: When Simgod took your imaginary friend away I don’t think she wanted you to cuddle your foot instead…

Hawkeye: Well it’s not like I have any toys to play with.

Me: You’re outside. Play with rocks.

Grotle: I know I missed like every gig I’ve ever been given and I’m going to miss the next four due to pregnancy but here is a rabbit. It’s just for you. Please give me a gig.

Proprietor: Yeah….no. I am keeping the rabbit though.

Screenshot-14.jpgBonehilda: I don’t like that gnome.

Me: Well, I don’t like you so I guess we’re even.

Me: Besides. He’s cute.

Honey Lemon: Mom, I have to go to the bathroom really bad.

Grotle: I’m sorry Hon, but I’m pregnant so I have to glitch out and lag and freeze in place for twenty minutes.

Me: Dat Graphics.

Grotle: Oh, I’m so excited for another baby.

Me: Enjoy it while it lasts because it’s the last one you’re getting.

Screenshot-26Grotle: Ray, aren’t you so excited that I’m pregnant.

Ray: …Yeah…sure…. now please excuse me while I find a plane and get the hell out of here.

Me: YEAH RIGHT MR. “I want another baby”!


Grotle: What do you want.

Me: Nothing. He wants nothing. He’s just a crybaby who cries for no reason at all.

Grotle: I hope this new baby won’t cry for nothing like Hawkeye.

Me: We are finally catching up to where we left off. Yay birthdays.

Me: Okay August, time to age up.


Me: Okay, I guess you’ll age up tomorrow??

Ray: I’m so excited for this new baby!

Grotle: You better be, I’m throwing away my career for this.

Me: Look! Hoppip made a friend! I know, I was surprised too.

Me: She has a brother too! So cute. Okay you guys are boring me now, I wonder what everyone else is doing.

Me: Oh.

Me: Okay, Time to age up!

August: I like this show!

Me: Shh! Don’t let people know that I let the TV parent you!

Me: Ah, the life cycle of a Sim. Born in the bathroom, married in the bathroom, dies in the bathroom.

Grotle: I don’t like it.

Me: Yeah me neither. Try again, I have another name idea.

Grotle: Okay.

Me: NO I WAS KIDDING! NO! This is Hotwire. He’s named after Hotwire from the awesomes. I was going to name him Hellebore, like the flower but the awesomes are awesome.

Me: I sent Ray to age August up manually with a cake…. as you can see, it’s going very well.

Me: I wish for you to age up!

August: You can’t take my wish!

Me: Then use it and age up already!

August: What are you doing?

Me: Since the cake didn’t work I’m manually aging you via testingcheats… WHY ISN’T IT WORKING! Okay let me try create-a-sim.

*Game Crashes*



Me: Hi, August2, Nice to see you!

August: Who are you? What am I doing here? Where are my parents?

Me: You’re home.

Me: Because I didn’t have a copy of August I manually ripped her out of her home and placed her here. Grotle didn’t even ask this time. She just disappeared right in front of her parents. The game has been so smooth since I deleted the other August.

Me: Yay! Teenagers!

Screenshot-59.jpgMe: LOOK HOW CUTE SHE IS! HONEY LEMON IS SO FREAKIN CUTE! Her traits are Absent Minded, Virtuoso, Never Nude, and Artistic.

Screenshot-60.jpgMe: Hyacinth is also pretty cute. Her traits are genius, disciplined, perceptive, and loves the heat. She takes after her uncle Grovyle! Another detective!

Screenshot-61.jpgMe: Hoppip is just a girl version of Ray. She’s cute. Her traits are Insane, Good, Neurotic, and Neat. She reminds me of those cheerleader type girls who have a lot of friends and are always really nice but as soon as something bad happens like someone messing up a step or forgetting to do paperwork or she lost her lip gloss then she get’s so stressed that she burns the school down.

Me: That’s it for this chapter and hopefully I solved all the crashing and lagging problems! See you guys next time!

















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Ultimate Rainbowcy: Green 7.3

Screenshot-2Ray: Goodnight my precious angel.

Hoppip: Please get out of my crib… I’m too tired for your shenanigans… and that’s coming from me.

Screenshot-3.jpgRay: I seem to be stuck.

Me: If you already completed your LTW, I would have let you stay there until you starved.

Screenshot-6Grotle: Standing in the snow, in a tight mini skirt~ I want to go home because the guy in the audience is a big pervert~

Screenshot-7.jpgGuy: *rubs hands together menacingly* Yessss.

Screenshot-9.jpgMe: His daughter/wife/girlfriend/mistress isn’t too pleased with his behavior.

Screenshot-13.jpgMe: You alright?

Ray: I want to die.

Me: You’re the one who wanted all those kids.

Ray: You’re right. I want another *rolls wish for baby*

Me: I let them throw a gift giving party for snowflake day!

Screenshot-15.jpgMe: I invited the family! I invited Garden, her school bus worth of children and her husband but they were no-shows. Her dog came with her though.

Garden: There better be food.

Me: There is not.

Me: I also invited Grovyle, Gecko and Gecko’s pregnant wife.

Garden: This crib is empty like my heart. I want another baby.

Me: NO!!! You have so many! I can’t keep track anymore!

Screenshot-21Ray: I’ve noticed you like kids! I like kids too!

Garden: Want to go make some?

Me: Damn it! I knew this would happen! Right in front Grotle too.

Garden: You’ll never let me be happy.

Me: By the time you’re 50 you’ll be like the old lady who lived in a shoe, I swear.

Screenshot-23Me: You haven’t even joined the party yet. Now that you’re done building the igloo, go inside.

Holly: I think my water just broke.

Me: Leave.


Me: Luckily she made it to the hospital. People always die at my sims’ parties, never has someone gone into labor though!

Screenshot-24Grovyle: Oh! A bonehilda! They’re really scary even though I grew up around one.

Screenshot-26.jpgGrovyle: They’re so scary!

Me: At least he’s not going to run away like all of the neurotic sims.

Me: Nevermind.

Grotle: Sorry I’m late to my own gig it’s not like I was seeing my family on the holidays or anything.

Screenshot-39.jpgMe: …Yeah no one else is there anyway. Just go home. You missed Hawkeye’s birthday.

Screenshot-40.jpgMe: He’s ridiculously adorable! His traits are absent minded and light sleeper and he doesn’t have Bella’s mouth!

Screenshot-42.jpgMe: Garden’s dog and Glitter look alike but they are not related.

Screenshot-46Me: It’s midnight. I think it’s safe to say they live there now.

Screenshot-52.jpgMe: FINALLY!

Screenshot-55.jpgMe: Here’s Honey Lemon. She’s still so cute!!!! Her traits are Absent minded, virtuoso, and never nude.

Screenshot-56Honey Lemon: What was I doing again?

Me: But the absent mindedness will take some getting used to.

Me: Here’s Hoppip! She’s cute but she looks like a little mini Ray. I’m actually a little worried. I think Ray’s traits might have over-powered Bella’s and we’ll spend the next 5 generations weaning his mouth out. Anyway, Hoppips traits are Insane, Good, and Neat. Pretty scary robot housewife traits right there. She’s like the reincarnation of Cranberry, if you guys remember her.

Screenshot-58.jpgMe: Here’s Hyacinth. She’s also very cute! Her traits are Genius, Disciplined, and Loves the heat. I’m sure we’ll find something for her to do.

Screenshot-67.jpgMe: Uh, hi August. You alright?

August: Shh! I’m hiding from Hoppip. She’s baking and she’ll make me help.

Me: Don’t worry about that she already recruited Honey Lemon.

Screenshot-68.jpgHoppip: Then you add EXACTLY 2 cups of flour, no more, no less. EXACTLY a teaspoon of vanilla. If you add any more you better throw that batter out and try again.

Honey Lemon: Wait, how much flour?

Hoppip: 2 cups. No more no less.

Screenshot-70.jpgHoppip: Then you bake it for exactly 37 minutes. If you bake it anymore then you ruined it and might as well just set the oven on fire.

Honey Lemon: What were we doing again?

Hoppip: I told you! Step 1: Bake treats. Step 2: Sell treats. Step 3: World Peace. It kind of rhymes so it’s easy to remember!

Honey Lemon: How will selling treats bring about world peace?

Hoppip: Just go get Hyacinth. No one will be able to resist triplets.

Honey Lemon: Hi Hyacinth. Want to go sell muffins with Hoppip and me?

Hyacinth: Honey Lemon. I’m a genius. I’ve discovered 2 planets and 3 stars and I’m only a child. Do you really think I’d spend my spare time selling muffins?

Honey Lemon: Yes?

Hyacinth: Okay, fine. Let’s go.

Screenshot-74.jpgHoppip: Perfect! They’re all absolutely just right! Now bring on the customers!

Screenshot-75.jpgMe: It looks like you’re doing it alone, Hoppip. They’re distracted.

Me: Look who’s here!

Gecko: Oh no! It’s the sim god here to force me to change my hair.

Me: Nah, you can do whatever you want, spare.

Screenshot-77.jpgMe: You better get yourself out of there. I don’t reset sims I don’t care about.

Screenshot-78.jpgGrotle: I gotta go. I’m going to kill all of these people that are hogging my stage.

Screenshot-79.jpgGrotle: That’s right, bitches. Walk away.

Screenshot-80.jpgHoppip: Where were you two! I can’t sell all of these by myself.

Hyacinth: I can’t take you seriously if you’re going to yell at us crosseyed with your tongue out.

Honey Lemon: How did I get here?

Me: Wow I really lucked out with these 3.

Screenshot-102.jpgMe: This is a new low for you Hawkeye.

Screenshot-106.jpgMe: Congratulations to Hyacinth for being the only kid who does homework.

Ray: Yeah, she’s really smart. I bet one day she’ll be like a lawyer or a business owner who carries a briefcase.

Ray: Or just a job that pays a lot so we can all get a bunch of maids because we’re making dishes faster than Bonehilda can clean.

Hyacinth: Dad, I’m trying to focus here.

Honey Lemon: How many vowels are in the words fishing pole?

Hyacinth: Honey Lemon, we’re doing math homework.

Honey Lemon: This isn’t relating to the homework.

Screenshot-113.jpgHyacinth: I’m surprised! It’s not like you to miss school!

Hyacinth: I’m sick so they told me not to go

Me: Oh… well you can’t just sit and relax you still have to skill.

Me: There’s the girl who saved your life, in a small and weak toddler form sleeping on the dirty, uncomfortable floor.

Grotle: Whatever.

Screenshot-117.jpgMe: Looks like you’ve got some competition, Grotle.

Grotle: Eh, I’m prettier.

Me: And the competition will be forever known as the girl who some guy died during her performance.

Me: Everyone is really mad at Priscilla for some reason.

Girl: Priscilla, you were supposed to be watching him!

Priscilla: I was! I don’t know what happened!

Grotle: Yeah! What the hell, Priscilla!

Me: Grotle, you don’t even know them.

Grotle: I like drama.

Screenshot-136.jpgMe: …bout time.

Grotle: Someone is on MY stage!

Screenshot-146.jpgMe: You’re really going to stop in the middle of your show to yell at someone for standing on the stage?

Grotle: It’s my stage!!!

Me: It’s also Grotle’s birthday but I don’t care that much.

Me: No! Don’t become friends, he’s going to die soon!

Me: Preferably really soon. I need the slot for another baby to complete Ray’s LTW. You know what? Screw it. With my luck he’ll probably die when all of the kids are grown or something. I’m moving him out temporarily so Grotle can conceive. But don’t die until I move you back in.

Stephen: No promises.

Me: YOU MOTHERF*CKER! Now I have to send Grotle to collect your grave. He died the second I kicked him out!!!


Me: You’re the one that wanted so many children. Everyone is miserable. All the time.

Me: Throwing up on stage. Classy, Grotle.

Screenshot-160.jpgMe: Yes! Finally! Turn the whiny toddlers into children who feed themselves!

Screenshot-162.jpgMe: Here’s August, the child Grotle kidnapped. Her traits were preset. They’re currently Brave, Neat and Excitable.

Screenshot-163.jpgMe: Here’s Hawkeye, he’s still very cute. His traits are Loves the outdoors, absent minded, and light sleeper. I can imagine him camping but unable to fall asleep because he can’t remember whether or not he turned the oven off before he left.

Me: Now let’s end this chapter with some notifications!

Me: NO GROVYLE! I might have wanted to marry her into the family for her hair color! ūüė¶
Me: Garden you have more children than you do rooms in your house. STAHP!
Me: HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA I LOVE THIS! But also, F*ck you Grovyle. Now I’ll never get her hair color!

Me: He eventually dumped her and then she had the baby, then Grovyle got a new girlfriend and broke up with her, then he¬†got a new girlfriend and dumped her too. Now I don’t know what he’s doing. But if Becky with the good hair has kids with someone else maybe they’ll have her hair color and I can marry the kid into the family. It’ll be weird because the sim will be married to someone who’s half-brother is Grovyle’s son but hey, Grotle kidnapped someone to marry her kid. I’m not above weird.











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Ultimate Rainbowcy: Green 7.2

Woah guys! Two chapters in one day! Make sure you don’t miss the first one since they’re back to back! It’s awesome!

Screenshot-209Me: We begin this chapter on a beautiful lot for a wonderful wedding party.

Screenshot-210.jpgMe: Which is stressing me out because I set the party two hours before her gig by accident and they WON’T GET MARRIED.


Screenshot-215.jpgMe: FINALLY! Oh don’t worry Grotle, you’re only¬†two hours late to your gig.

Screenshot-220.jpgGrotle: I didn’t even get to sing.

Me: Well maybe if you were on time…

Screenshot-226Me: Where are you guys going?

Ray: Well Grotle said that if I want to have a big family then I need to do what she says. Today she wants matching tattoos.


Screenshot-227Grotle: Ray what tattoo do you want to get? How about the pink butterfly tramp stamp?

Screenshot-230.jpgGrotle: Oh that’s right. I get to choose. Pink butterfly it is!

Screenshot-232Tattoo Artist: If you held still it would go by faster.

Grotle: but it hurts!

Screenshot-235.jpgGrotle: I want a tramp stamp! Why are you putting it on my arm.

Tattoo artist. Just trust me.

Screenshot-236Grotle: WOw! That was amazing! You’re talented.

Tattoo Artist: Then why won’t you tip me?

Grotle: Here’s your tip. My husband is up next and he’s a bigger bitch than I am.

Screenshot-237.jpgTattoo Artist: Woah, not even a flinch. You’re the perfect customer!

Ray: I tolerate it for my love.


Tattoo Artist: Hey kid. “You know, it’s funny; when you look at someone through rose-colored glasses, all the red flags just look like flags.”

Ray: I love that show! Bojack Horseman is awesome!

Tattoo Artist: and I see you completely missed the point.

Me: At least you tried inspirational tattoo guy. That sounds like a cool superhero. He saves people by inspiring them and not fighting crime at all.

Screenshot-243.jpgRay: Babies. Now.

Grotle: Excuse me?

Ray: I got your tattoo now it’s time to make babies.

Screenshot-244.jpgGrotle: YOU’RE SO DEMANDING!

Ray: I was kidding, my princess. You know I’d never upset you for real.

Me: I think this might be my favorite generation.

Me: Aww Fuchsia! I’d be sad but I really need the extra space…

Screenshot-249.jpgMe: Grotle, you’ve been standing there for a long time.

Grotle: …

Me: Are you stuck?

Grotle: …

Me: Ugh *resets*

Screenshot-251.jpgMe: Aren’t you going to answer that?

Grotle: …


Screenshot-252Me: She fixed herself shortly after and even made it on time to her gig. Okay Grotle. Time to perform!

Grotle: I’m on the stage.

Me: Yes, now sing.

Grotle: I’m on the stage.

Me: Why are you being all glitchy?

Screenshot-253.jpgMe: That’s not your career outfit… I’m also starting to see a belly… Grotle are you pregnant? There’s no moodlet for some reason.

Grotle: I’m not pregnant, I’m just hungry!

Me: There’s seriously NO pregnancy moodlet…

Screenshot-255.jpgMe: Look who’s aging up!

Screenshot-256.jpgMe: AHAHSDHHA KILL IT WITH FIRE!

Screenshot-258.jpgMe: Nevermind, she’s fine.

Screenshot-265.jpgMe: No pregnancy moodlet and for some reason she’s able to work…

Grotle: My ankles hurt like a bitch but yet I still wear heels and just last night I ate 32 meals.

Guy: Sounds like you’re pregnant.

Grotle: I’m not pregnant!

Screenshot-274Ray: What happened to your belly? Weren’t you just wildly pregnant last night.

Grotle: I’m not pregnant.

Screenshot-277.jpgMe: She’s lying. But she’s still glitchy.


Me: Yeah, sure it is. Just go home and have the kid.

Grotle: I’m not pregnant!

Screenshot-288.jpgGrotle: Hey Ray! You were right I WAS pregnant! She’s beautiful.

Me: I think you mean THEY’RE beautiful.

Grotle: What?

Screenshot-289.jpgMe: SURPRISE! Their names are Honey Lemon, named after the girl from big hero six, who’s superhero suit was purplish pinkish. Hyacinth, named after the flower and Hoppip, named after the Pokemon.

Screenshot-290.jpgGrotle: Now back to work!

Me: You had two shows and missed them both, I doubt you’re going to be able to get another gig.

Screenshot-293.jpgMe: WHAT?!



Screenshot-298.jpgMe: WHY IS NO ONE HELPING!?

Screenshot-302Me: THANK YOU! THANK YOU! You’re the real hero of this legacy. You guys have no idea how grateful I am for her just randomly running in the building and saving her. I honestly thought Grotle was going to die. I was thinking about my options afterwards. Whether I’d revive her somehow or just carry on. I’m happy I don’t have to make that choice… that girl saved the generation! I want her in my legacy.

Screenshot-305.jpgGrotle: I still look good.

August: As pretty as a flower.

Screenshot-310.jpgGrotle: Thank you for saving me. You’re so brave.

August: It was my duty as a citizen. I could never let anyone die when I’m around.

Me: Our very own Princess Charming!

Grotle: I’m arranging a marriage.

August: What?

Grotle: You’ll see.

Screenshot-316.jpgGrotle: Maybe I can keep her young with a potion…

August: What?

Grotle: Nothing. Take me to your hippie parents.

Screenshot-318.jpgGrotle: Hi, my name is Grotle. You might recognize me from being f*cking awesome.

Stardust: *Makes however you would describe that facial expression*

Screenshot-321.jpgGrotle: I’ll just come right out and say it. I want your daughter. Not for anything weird though. I just want to keep her in my house, keep her a toddler until I’m done having kids then I’m going to raise her to marry one of them. She’ll complete all of her dreams and be under careful watch of the SimGod.

Me: Seems weird to me.

Grotle: She saved my life, shut up.

Stardust: I think it’s a great idea!

Grotle: Wait, are you sure? That’s completely out of your character. You love your daughter and together you try to stop the deforestation of the area and in fact, you and your husband hate performers like me because we perform in the venues that caused said deforestation and then bring money into the business that causes it. You should hate your daughter being raised by me.

Stardust: As you can see, I have a new daughter to protest with. You’re boring Guadalupe and I. Just take her.

Grotle: …if you say so. She’s probably better off with me. You guys are poor.

Me: They are poor… it’s the first thing Grotle noticed.

Screenshot-326.jpgStardust: I know ūüė¶

Screenshot-331.jpgMe: Introducing August Woods. Before she was sold to be a bride her traits were Brave, Neat, Excitable and Unflirty so she’s going to keep those traits as she ages. I’m going to keep her a toddler until all of the kiddies are born and when she’s older she’s going to marry one of them. Whether that person becomes the heir is unknown and it doesn’t matter. I just need her in the family. She grows up with a bit of an awkward face but who cares, she’s awesome. Also THOSE EYES!

Screenshot-341.jpgGrotle: I Apologize for being late to every show I had but if you gave me another chance I would be really glad!

Proprietor: Cute but no.

Me: I told you, you’d have a hard time getting another gig. Try again after you get a promotion.

Screenshot-354.jpgMe: Birthday!!!

Screenshot-356Me: D’awwwwww! Honey Lemon is so cute! And she doesn’t have Bella’s lips! Her traits are absent minded and virtuoso.

Screenshot-357.jpgMe: Here’s Hyacinth. She’s also cute. She also doesn’t have Bella’s lips. Her traits are Genius and Dicsiplined.

Screenshot-358.jpgMe: Here’s Hoppip. She’s the daddy’s girl it seems the curse of Bella didn’t affect any of the triplets. Her traits are good and insane. We’re getting some interesting traits this generation!

Screenshot-364.jpgDaffodil: These kids are going to revive me only to kill me again.

Me: Same.

Screenshot-369.jpgGrotle: Are you going to be the one August falls in love with? Probably not because you’re crazy.

Me: If you can’t tell. Grotle is pregnant again. There’s like no pictures though because the time was spent toddler training.

Screenshot-370.jpgMe: Toddler Training be like.

Hya: I’m stuck.

Grotle: Well if you don’t get unstuck I’m just tossing her on top of you.

Honey Lemon: TOO LATE!

Screenshot-371.jpgGlitter: I sense something is going on.

Grotle: What are you talking about? I’m fine.

Screenshot-376Me: This one was just a singleton! His name is Hawkeye, named after to marvel hero who’s suit was purplish. That’s it for this chapter, what will happen next time? Another baby? Maybe. Will Tiffy and Stephen finally kick the bucket giving me room for another baby? Also Maybe. Will Grotle get arrested for kidnapping? Probably not.


Me: We end this chapter with notifications. Here we have Gecko moving into his own place almost immedietly after I kicked him out. I guess he didnt want to be with Grovyle or Garden. Here’s proof that Grovyle hired Grotle to provide him with a sing-a-gram. I was supposed to post it last chapter but I forgot.


Garden and Gecko both found love pretty quickly.


Me: At first I was like “Wtf how is he a grandfather? Who had a kid? It was Garden! Her daughter Carisa was born before the Heliotrope children were. She and her boyfriend were married shortly after.

Me: Grovyle eventually found love too but I don’t trust him since he has to commitment issues trait and Garden had another kid.














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